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Our Story

Legislaide started as a personal solution

Feeling overwhelmed by monotonous tasks and grappling with a lack of resources and support, our co-founder, Vivian, discovered the legislative process to be both cumbersome and time-consuming—a realization that resonated with her peers in municipalities nationwide.

It was this shared frustration that sparked a revelation: What if we could simplify the legislative process, making it more efficient and accessible for local governments everywhere?

This led to the creation of Legislaide, a modern suite of legislative research, drafting, and workflow tools that assist local governments in streamlining their day-to-day legislative processes.

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Legislaide milestones

Impact Statistics


Real Legislative Pieces

legally compliant, well-drafted resolutions and ordinances


Regions Supported

1000s of hours saved from the west Coast to the east Coast


people served

by legislative documents drafted with Legislaide

Legislaide empowers local governments to better serve their communities

I've been working with the Legislaide team for months to get legislation written, and they've been incredibly helpful. Their inclination to work out novel solutions, integrate both entire code books and customer feedback into their product, and find the time to talk through changes in our required outputs has been a massive boon for my organization.

— Anonymous

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Meet our Advisors


Ron Hamm

President & CEO of Hamm Consulting Group, Former Legislative Assistant


Julian Norment

President & CEO of Bleuhouse Advisors LLC, Former Legislative Assistant


Jonathan Reichental

Professor & Former CIO of Palo Alto, CA


Sheldon Rampton

Co-Founder and Former CTO of NuCivic