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Efficient Legislative Drafting in Minutes

Legislaide simplifies your legislative workflows so you can focus on what matters most - serving your community.

Write Powerful Legislation

Legislaide Empowers Local Governments to Achieve Better Outcomes for Their Communities

Cloud-based, AI-powered legislative research, drafting, and workflow tools tailored for local governments.

  • Agenda Module
  • Resolution Module
  • Proclamation Module
  • Ordinance Module
  • Research Module

Legislative drafting, Research, and Workflow tools for local governments

How Does Legislaide Work?

For Your Day-to-Day Legislative Tasks

Our legislative drafting, research, and workflow tools efficiently tackles staff shortages and skill gaps within local governments, reclaiming thousands of valuable staff hours.

With Legislaide, local governments can shift their focus beyond routine operations, empowering staff to foster innovative community initiatives and improve essential resident services, ultimately maximizing their impact.

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Enter Your Topic

Choose from our agenda, resolution, proclamation, and ordinance templates to meet your legislative needs. Our templates automate repetitive tasks and streamline the drafting process, so you can focus on the substance of the legislation.


Provide Legislaide With Context

Creating tailored policies is easy - just enter a few sentences about your legislative goals and any relevant details that you want Legislaide to include.

Have legislative staff? Adding your legislative staff as collaborators to your legislation topic will help you create even more effective policies for your community.


Review the Results

Legislaide allows you to review and modify individual sections of your draft until you are happy with the results.


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Our Tools Are Made For:


Local Officials

Leverage the Agenda Management Module for streamlined meeting organization and the Speaking Points Module for effective public communication.


Legislative Staff

Utilize the Legislative Research Module for in-depth policy analysis and the Legislative Drafting Modules for efficient legal document creation.


Committees & Boards

Benefit from the Agenda Management Module for orderly meeting planning and the Legislative Research Module for informed decision-making.

The legislaide edge

transform your day-to-day with Legislaide



Legislaide effortlessly integrates with your organization's existing IT infrastructure.


Purpose-Built for
Local Government

Legislaide harnesses generative AI to streamline complex and tedious tasks into a simple, guided workflow.



Legislaide is tailored to the specific needs, laws, and characteristics of your municipality or county.


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GPT-4 scores in the 90th percentile for the simulated bar exam and achieves a 163 on the LSAT.

Legislaide milestones

Impact Statistics


Real Legislative Pieces

Legally compliant, well-drafted resolutions and ordinances


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1000s of hours saved from the west coast to the east coast


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