Software Engineer

We're building the best tools for everyday government work. We focus on making confusing tasks clear and due diligence easy. Writing should be a joy.

About the Role

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make AI accessible to anyone working in government, regardless of their technical savvy. You will work closely with the founders to help build a delightful user experience that makes writing legislation (among other things) a breeze.

Examples of what you could do:

  • Redesign core full-stack features like the document import, research, or create-document flows to speed the process from idea to drafted document.
  • Prototype and experiment with new ways to make Legislaide useful for government workers everyday.
  • Create a free experience that lets users experience their "aha!" moment fast, along with the best of what Legislaide offers by default.

You will...

  • Ship new features and infrastructure using Typescript, React, Tailwind, and MySQL, among other technologies.
  • Build reusable fullstack primitives from our UI library, to tests, to our data models
  • Build incredible interfaces to simplify the use of AI for government workers and improve their results.
  • Prototype new applications and tools quickly, and iterate on them based on user feedback.

You are...

  • An experienced software developer (6 or more years of professional experience preferred)
  • Someone who values simplicity
  • Passionate about using AI for public benefit
  • Self-directed and comfortable working autonomously
  • Excited to push the boundaries of your knowledge and do so independently
  • Willing to experiment with unconventional tools
  • Comfortable setting up & deploying full-stack infrastructure and data pipelines, i.e. for language and multi-modal models

You have...

  • An eye for design
  • A bias for shipping fast and talking to users
  • Good communication
  • Strong writing skills
  • Working experience building full stack applications with TypeScript
  • Working experience building directly for users

Bonus points if you have:

  • Previous startup experience, especially in a cross-functional engineering role
  • Experience working with and fine-tuning Large Language Models
  • Experience building scalable applications with LLMs, using frameworks such as LangChain, LlamaIndex, etc.
  • Experience building cloud-based web applications
  • Experience with web frameworks such as Laravel, Rails, and Django.
  • Experience creating and maintaining monorepos and CI/CD pipelines

To harness AI as a force for good, we need an exceptional and unique team. We welcome your unique perspective and experiences in shaping this product. We encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds to apply, including and especially candidates from underrepresented and non-traditional backgrounds.

The range of base compensation for roles in this area of Legislaide is typically $150,000 - $200,000. Compensation offered will be determined by additional factors such as location and experience.


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